Paint Color &/or Wallpaper Consultation

Using a trained eye, the perfect paint palette will be narrowed down to eliminate stress and endless time choosing from countless number of colors that are available.  I will work with any existing furnishings, permanent fixtures, and finishes to create a cohesive look.  I bring along large designer paint swatches to help my clients better visualize the the possible choices.  Wallpaper choices would be narrowed down as well, but would require a second meeting after researching through a library.  Paint and Wallpaper can be coordinated together as well.

Design Consultation:

Reuse & Renew Service

If your needs call for refreshing or renewing of your space, I can work with your existing accessories, furniture & wall decor to create a newer look!  Your space would be accessed, reorganized, edited. This service may require some outside shopping to bring in new accessories, pictures, or wall decor to update the space.  Its amazing what a difference small changes can make!

Home Staging:

Holiday Decorating:

Table Scapes: